What's my Curl Type?

All curl types are broken into categories. A,B,C. A types are generally the most relaxed of the category, B is the middle of the road and C is the curliest. Read on to narrow it down a bit further.

Type 2- Wavy 

Wavy hair is the in between straight and curly. Wavy hair tends to carry more frizz than other curl types, so have anti-frizz products handy!  Wavy type A can transition between straight and curly easily. Types B & C wavies are more resistant to styling. Keep those hands out of those waves! The more you touch, the more frizz you'll see.

Type 3- Curly

Type 3 curlies have a definite 'S' (big or small / with or without product) curl pattern if you were to pull a strand of hair from the head. This curl type is full body. Damage is something it can be prone to, so proper care is needed or you'll find those curls to be dull.

Type 4- Coily/Kinky

Type 4 curls tend to be fine and fragile. Pull a strand from this curly head and you will find it to be a zig-zag pattern. It's the driest of the curl types, and thus needs to be treated with tender care. This hair type needs daily moisture, or it will break. 

Want to see some pictures to compare your curls to? Click the link below to go to our friends at naturallycurly.com

Click here to identify your type on naturallycurly.com

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