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My name is Lisa. I am the owner of Hair Cues and my curly hair story began many, many years ago. My search for products to keep my curls defined and healthy was a constant struggle. I, like many other curly haired women, have gone to great lengths to keep my curls healthy. Even making the mistake of taking permanent measures to keep them "in control".  One day I started a research project on curly hair products free of parabens and alcohols, products I felt I could use without hesitation.  I found some great options, but didn't find many local places to buy them. As a result, Hair Cues was born. I started Hair Cues online store in April 2010, before opening the first retail location in August 2014. Unfortunately we closed our doors in October 2015, but this world is intoxicating and curls are my life and reality... So here I am again. A little differently this time, but very happy to pick up the journey!

Curly hair is not a puzzle! Our curls are not frizzy, or out of control. What we need is an understanding of them, a plan. We are a part of a culture where curly hair is often labelled "unruly", not "sexy", but our curls are so much more than that! Curls are uninhibited, they're fun, they're beautiful and unique. We have something that needs to be celebrated and not hidden with flat irons and blow dryers! But it is a journey, an education; and I am happy to take that journey with you!

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